Summer Oil Education Classes

– Only your nose knows! – Part 1 of 6 – JUNE 7, 2017
10 classic oils. How to diffuse, apply and ingest safely!
Come and enjoy a delightful fun class with the best Essential Oils in the industry. We will talk about the 10 most popular oils with Bare oils. You will learn:
How to determine a pure oil VS adulterated oil
The basic safety rules
Basic Uses including shakes, detox baths and anti-aging



Cooking with Essential Oils – Part 2 of 6 – JUNE 14TH
Delight your senses and improve you’re your flavoring with the basic formulas used in Essential Oil Cooking.
Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook with Essential Oils and were afraid to ask? This class will enlightened your thoughts and delight your senses with foods enhanced with essential oils. You will learn:
Why use Essential Oils for cooking
How to safely cook with EO’s
How to create your own recipes with Essential Oils



Truth or Consequences – Part 3 of 6 – JUNE 21ST
Facts and Fallacies regarding Essential Oils in Todays Market.
Are you confused, mystified with all of the information regarding Essential Oils? Are you ready to listen to some interesting facts VS fiction? Come and learn all about what the facts are and learn to love your oils again! You will learn:
10 basic facts about Essential oils
Find out which myths are being told and then you decide
See new research regarding Essential oils



Essential Oil and Cocktails – Part 4 of 6 – JUNE 28TH
Enhance your hot chocolate, alcohol drinks or smoothies using Essential oils.
Who Knew? Come and experience how to blend a wonderful delicious cocktail with essential oils. Yes, sampling will be available – warm and cold! You will learn:
Which oils are safely ingestible
Quantities and Qualities of Essential Oils in Cocktails
How to mix them!



Anti-Aging Essential Oils – part 5 of 6 – JULY 5TH
Want to get rid of some wrinkles, varicose veins, and cellulite?
There is so much talk today about anti-aging, when in fact, most households have the remedies right in their own kitchen and gardens! Come and learn which essential oils are best to use with a carrier oil. Why they work and How to use them. You will learn:
What is a carrier oil and what are their properties
Which essential oils are Anti-Aging
What is a hydrosol and why they are very safe.
How to use them – get rid of those tiny lines and wrinkles



Blood Brain Barrier – Part 6 of 6 – JULY 12TH
Mindful use of Essential Oils to help with ADD, ADHD, Parkinson, Alzheimer and many more!
What is the blood brain barrier? What do I need to know when a loved one is with an infection or serious disease and I would like them to help them using Essential Oils. You will learn:
Which oils cross the blood brain barrier
Why and How they cross the blood brain barrier
Understanding some of the chemistry to help the body heal using Essential oils
Using the Essential Oils safely to improve balance within the body.